Plan It Green

Plan It Green

Help clean the environment of Green Ville and build ecological towns
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National Geographic Games

Plan it Green will challenge your building abilities, and you will get a lot of fun with this ecological game. The main objective of this game is to complete certain tasks in cleaning up Greenville and different towns. You must build and grow your towns with ecological buildings to make each place in the game cleaner. In this game you will find different goals like building houses, factories, parks, applying green upgrades to the buildings, and building eco businesses, among others. You can upgrade a building buying solar cells, painting the building or cleaning the environment around.

Some of the investments that you make for your buildings can help you to earn more money: you can rent houses or generate energy for sale. In some cases you must demolish some buildings to restart growing that land. By the time you restore a town, more families will come and you will get paid for rents. To build something you need to buy different materials and upgrade them. Playing this game is very simple and full of fun, you will have a personal manager that will show you how to play.

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